The best alternative to Windows Terminal Server and Citrix

SBSCC TSspeedbooster server technology can improve the performance of MYOB, Peachtree, Sage, QuickBooks, SAP, Tally and many other windows applications by up to 10 times faster. Fully appreciate the benefits that come with the ability to access these windows applications in real-time via a browser, iPhone, iPAD, Smartphone, Android, Mac and Windows Desktop from anywhere in the world.

"What a freedom for remote access or VPS users. With SBSCC TSspeedbooster, you can make any windows application a web-based application.


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TSspeedbooster is the best alternative to Windows Terminal Server and Citrix:

"Server Technology" for a "Micro" price! SBSCC TSspeedbooster enables any Windows XP or W7 system to act as a Citrix or a Microsoft 2003 Terminal Server: Multiple concurrent sessions, seamless application publishing, Universal Printing(*), Load Balancing, Failover, Application Control, and more!  

SBSCC TSspeedbooster also enables access on Windows 2003/2008 VPS and Cloud Servers. 

With SBSCC TSspeedbooster Universal Printer option, any SBSCC TSspeedbooster client access programs (Seamless, RDP or USB) can be used to print documents without any printer administration.  Thanks to the integrated PDF driver-free printing technology, this all-in-one solution offers more than optimized remote printing for all employees.

The Problem with Conventional Network Setup:

Database application requiring direct access to the actual data file will slow down significantly as the number of users and the size of the file increases. This is due to the nature of the flat-file database systems. Unfortunately this slowdown is not linear, but seams like an accelerating nature, especially once the data file grows over the 100MB in size.

The solution: 

In the conventional setup where the data sits on the server and the accounting application running on the client workstation, in this method transaction posting and to generate report takes long time to process, having the same data file on a SBSCC TSspeedbooster server running the accounting application will improve the process significantly and reduced the required time. 

By moving the data file and the applications accessing it onto the same physical computer, one can achieve significant improvement in speed and reliability. 

After you move the system to SBSCC TSspeedbooster technology not only the performance will significantly improve, also the database corruption issue will completely disappear. 


  • - SBSCC TSspeedbooster turns your Windows System into a full blown Terminal Server/Citrix, without any limit. 
  • - Unlimited number of concurrent remote desktop sessions (According to your user purchase). 
  • - SBSCC TSspeedbooster is the costless Citrix/Terminal Services product available on XP, Vista, Windows 7/8 and 2003/08/12. 
  • - Running your applications from a centralised location means less administration, less time spent updating applications. 
  • - With your data centralised physical theft doesn't mean the loss of important or sensitive data. 
  • - Users can access their information independent of whether they are on their own PC. 
  • - With SBSCC TSspeedbooster seamless application publishing service, remote applications appear no different to local applications. 
  • - It enables you to start a remote sessions or one RemoteApp from any browsers (IE, Netscape, Chrome, Firefox, Safari...). 
  • - No user training required, implement in one day. 
  • - SBSCC TSspeedbooster includes seamless client, load balancing, universal printer and much more... 

Maximizing the Value of Current Investments

Now your employees, business partners, and customers can painlessly and cost-effectively access your existing Windows applications from anywhere. SBSCC TSspeedbooster supports a wide variety of client devices, such as heterogeneous desktops, Web browsers, and mobile and wireless devices. 

SBSCC TSspeedbooster maximizes the value of your current Windows applications. You’ll reduce operating costs, lower bandwidth consumption, and eliminate retraining and reengineering costs. And unlike some competitors who force a whole new application management structure, SBSCC TSspeedbooster leverages your existing management infrastructure investments. The net result is faster ROI.

Why Choose SBSCC TSspeedbooster?

Faced with continued difficult economic realities and reduced budgets, Information Technology departments are searching for ways to derive additional value from their investments in existing Windows software applications. Organizations are looking to lower their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and accelerate their Return on Investment (ROI), yet still provide cost-effective, responsive access to applications for an increasingly mobile and distributed user base.

Likewise, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) have invested heavily in traditional Windows applications and have a pressing need to Web-enable these applications in order to stay competitive, expand their markets, and generate additional revenues under difficult market conditions. Reduced revenues and increasing time-to-market pressures mean that ISVs cannot usually afford the time and money it would take to re-engineering their applications in order to create native Web-based solutions.  

A cost-effective alternative for both of these market segments is to centrally deploy existing applications via Application Publishing or Cloud computing solution. With Application Publishing, mission-critical applications can be deployed, managed and supported from a centralized server and accessed by heterogeneous PCs and other mobile devices - without the need to rewrite the applications. Application Publishing, Web-enabled and Cloud Computing solutions have proven to be a reliable way to reduce the complexity and cost of enterprise computing, while increasing overall efficiency.  

The Transparent Solution

SBSCC TSspeedbooster is completely transparent to your users. Remote applications look and feel exactly the same as natively running applications. So you’ll save time and retraining costs.

Lowering Costs and Simplifying Management

Deploying and maintaining traditional distributed applications can be costly and time-consuming. SBSCC TSspeedbooster is the simple solution with easy user administration. Application issues can be solved at the central site, not at individual client desktops. And unlike our competitor’s per seat licensing, SBSCC TSspeedbooster is offered on a concurrent licensing basis. This saves money and eliminates the need to dedicate scarce IT resources to managing seats.

The Secure Solution  

SBSCC TSspeedbooster transmissions are fully encrypted using Microsoft RDP based technology. What’s more, your applications and mission-critical data remain secure on the server behind your corporate firewall. Only the application’s user interface is transmitted to client devices. The SBSCC TSspeedbooster client makes it easy to Web-enable Windows applications for secure, cross platform deployment to local and remote users everywhere.  Using the physical USB stick number to lock the client access program to one specific USB stick is adding a great level of security. This even better using finder print protected USB drive and this eliminate the need for complex VPN solutions.

Cross Platform Server Technology

Just install windows OS in the TSspeedbooster server and access windows applications through free Linux Fedora or Ubuntu OS. E.g. Install only one PC/Server with Windows OS and all your other PCs with free Linux Fedora or Ubuntu OS.

SBSCC TSspeedbooster licenses are sold per server (computer) and you need to buy users (connections) according to your requirements.

SBSCC TSspeedbooster Enterprise Edition Summary...

  •   Multiple concurrent sessions on XP, W7/8, W2003/2008/2012 SBS etc. 
  •   Application Control, Universal Printer, RemoteApp, Load Balancing. 
  •   TS Web with SSH Secured Tunneling, Port Forwarding, HTML5, Java Client.
  •   IPhone/iPad/Android Access
  •   And much more to fulfill expectations of the most demanding users.

System Requirements & Conditions:


  •   Windows XP Professional SP2 or SP3 
  •   Windows Vista Home premium and over 
  •   Windows 7/8 Professional and over 
  •   Windows 2003/2008/2012 SBS (without TSE CALs) 
  •   2 GB RAM 
  •   500 MB disk space 
  •   TCP/IP connectivity 
  •   DSL or higher connection  

Terms & Conditions  

  •   TSspeedbooster licenses are sold "per server".
  •   You may not use the software in any manner that is a violation of applicable laws.
  •   The program is provided "as is".
  •   TSspeedbooster perpetual license price does not include the annual Support / Update Service / Re-host fees. You shall subscribe before using the Phone / Ticket / Email Support Service. You can select any of the following option.
  •   Annual Ticket / Phone / Email / Re-host Support Services Options:
  • 1. Pay a flat rate mentioned on our portal.
    2. 20% of present selling price into number of users purchased.
  •   Purchases made through SBS Computer Consultancy (Pvt) Ltd are NON-REFUNDABLE, due to digital nature of our products.
  •   We highly recommend you to try it before you buy.