Stockist Premier

Inventory, Manufacturing and Point-of-Sales Software

SBSCC Stockist operational software allows you to manage your entire business and accomplish operational superiority by providing an enterprise infrastructure that will extend to support the company as it grows and continue to provide ever-increasing staff efficiencies. SBSCC Stockist is cost-effective, full-featured, feature-rich and fully integrated business operational software. The system provides excellent functionality for planning, manufacturing and control of inventory. SBSCC Stockist can be easily integrated with MYOB Premier accounting software.  

Core Features and Benefits

Easy to use

SBSCC Stockist business operational software is easy to use and flexible. The system lets you observe your inventory while you manage it. Use our easy to use interface to enter your company’s transactions and your inventory and customer/supplier payments will be managed before your eyes.

Multi-level inventory management

The system allows you to track inventory characteristics which are used for tracking serial numbers, bin numbers, expiration dates, multiple sizes, multiple packing units, batch number, etc. Whenever you pick inventory for a purchase or a sale or an adjustment, the available on-hand inventory by characteristics will be displayed.

Inventory warranty management

Manage replacement goods efficiently. The system includes a complete warranty tracking system for inventory. Warranty tracking is completely user-defined and are only assigned to inventory items to which they apply. The system automatically spots items in warranty.

Warehouse/locations management

Find the best possible layout for storing inventory; use our inventory locations feature to quickly locate items. The system includes full warehouse support, allowing you to manage inventory in different premises. Inventory locations can be set up to represent warehouses, service trucks, etc.

Consignment and advance delivery management

The inventory system includes a complete consignment tracking system. Consignment locations can be designated for your customers and also Advance Delivery Location, which you can reserve items for your customers.

Sales Order/invoice/Receivables

The system allows you to create multiple invoices for a single order and dispatch or gate pass processing for your customer invoices. You can also record direct invoices without sales orders.

You can also manage customer receivables and customer payments using MYOB Premier accounting software.

Purchase order/goods receive processing/Payables

The system allows you to create purchase orders and multiple GRNs. Line items are received through the GRN screen, which is optimized for batch receiving of multiple line items receipts.

You can also manage supplier payables and supplier payments using MYOB Premier accounting software.

Customer and supplier RMA management

The system includes a complete return merchandise authorization tracking for customer returns and supplier returns. You can create different types of sales and purchases returns.

Auto inventory replenishment

Inventory replenishment gives you complete control. Inventory replenishment is optimized to work with real time inventory movement. Once the inventory level goes down; inventory replenishment screen will display the inventories to be ordered and you can directly create purchase orders from the inventory replenishment screen.

Manufacturing and Jobs management

SBSCC Stockist is a "small business ERP" alternative to mid-market ERP systems, which are too costly and complicated for smaller companies. You can also do process and discrete manufacturing using SBSCC Stockist.  

The system includes a complete manufacturing module. You can manage your jobs independently or for your different projects and partial manufacturing for a single job. You’ll reduce time and material costs and increase productivity in a fraction of the time it takes to implement most manufacturing systems. 

SBSCC Stockist is ideal for custom manufacturing. By "custom manufacturing" we are referring to make to order products that are either variations of standard products or are products configured from scratch with each order.  

SBSCC Stockist is optimized for make to order environments, whether you make customized products, custom products, or standard products. In all cases jobs can be created instantly and directly from sales order line items for make to order products.  

This flexible job structure that is not dependent on a fixed bill of material enables you to use SBSCC Stockist to manufacture virtually any type of product.  


The system allows you to enter transactions in a number of currencies in addition to your local currency. SBSCC Stockist multi currency feature make it easy to record transactions in any currency you use when buying and selling goods.


Several people can access your inventory information at the same time - someone can enter a sale while someone else prints a report or receive payments. Initial licence comes with 1-User, and you can add additional 1-User licence anytime according to your user requirements.


Powerful POS module allows retailers to maintain absolute control over sales and inventory while presenting an easy customer checkout. It is a great solution for both your sales counter and telephone order desk. Integrates with other Stockist modules. 


Some companies have the perception that an "off the shelf" product like SBSCC Stockist must be augmented with custom programming to tailor it for special requirements. Yes you can customise SBSCC Stockist to tailor to your requirements with additional cost.