We offer cloud hosting solutions for MYOB Accounting Software

With the accounting industry moving towards cloud computing and fully online working models, users of accounting desktop editions may believe that their best option is to migrate to a web-based edition of the software rather than continuing to use the version of accounting they have come to rely on. While other online accounting may seem like the best option for anytime, anywhere access to financial applications and data, it might not provide the functionality or features that accounting desktop edition users need. When the business needs the full capability of the desktop edition product, hosting that solution with SBSCC Hosting service may be the right answer.

We offer a cloud computing service, meaning we make MYOB accounting software available to you online from anywhere, anytime. Traditionally software would be installed and run on your local computer or network, cloud computing on the other hand is located on powerful, central, remote servers. All that is needed is access to the internet, then you can remotely access the software in a safe and secure environment from anywhere in the world.

Fully appreciate the benefits that come with the ability to access your MYOB Desktop Software in real-time via a browser, iPhone, iPAD, Smart phone, Android, Mac, Linux and Windows Desktop from anywhere in the world. Users can connect even without their own computers, meaning you can do your work from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.


MYOB Cloud Hosting

We're making accounting easier by offering cloud hosting services that will streamline your business. You will receive long-term high performance access to your MYOB Accounting Software via internet. MYOB Accounting Software is installed and stored (as well as the data) on a secure enterprise class cloud server. It helps keep the cost down for your company and you can access your MYOB Accounting Software from any computer and still have the Company file you need. You can also print any documents such as invoices, cheques, purchase orders, reports, etc to your local printer.

“Hosting” MYOB/ABSS/ACCOUNTRIGHT Accounting Desktop Editions means that SBSCC installs and manages the MYOB Accounting Software and the Company Data Files on the cloud-based servers. Users don’t have to install MYOB Accounting on their PC, because they use the Internet to connect to their MYOB Accounting software and company data hosted by SBSCC from a secured datacentre. You can access your MYOB software on the cloud by clicking on an icon on the local PC desktop/laptop or by logging in via a web page portal from anywhere.

Suitable for companies already using and new MYOB/ABSS/ACCOUNTRIGHT Accounting Software who would like to maintain their accounts in an affordable, fast and reliable system for access.


Edit files in real-time and eliminate the need for file sharing

When you edit your company file, any other person you have granted access to can log into your cloud hosted MYOB and see these edits done as they happen. Cloud hosting offers a level of communication with your different departments, your bookkeeper, and your professional partner that was previously impossible while helping to alleviate confusion and eliminate mistakes.

Save money and time with managed IT services

Cloud hosting gives you the added benefit of managed IT services provided by a team of experienced, certified engineers at a fraction of what an internal IT department would cost. Hosting also eliminates the expense and ongoing maintenance associated with purchasing your own servers and other hardware. In addition, hosting services include constant virus scans, software upgrades, and regular data back-ups.

Protect your financial data with advanced security features

The MYOB Cloud Hosting we provided implements some of the strictest security measures in the industry that go well beyond typical standards. Not only is your data safe from unauthorized access, but should your business ever fall victim to fire, burglary, or any other type of disaster, your hosted data is safe and secure in an off-site location.

Anywhere, anytime access is easier than you think

All that is required is an internet connection. Virtual desktops provide a hub for the software hosting service. Users log-in via the internet and access a Windows based desktop which looks exactly like what they are used to working on every day. Software hosting is easy to setup and operate requiring no technical expertise on the part of the user.

All Your Software and Data in One Convenient Place - Wherever You Are

Use whatever software you want from wherever you are and collaborate in real-time with your co-workers and clients. No limitations, no surprises. Don’t see what you want on the list below? Contact us anyway. All editions of MYOB accessible from one secure location no matter where you are.

MYOB hosting offers a secure and efficient solution on the cloud

Hosting your MYOB software in the cloud offers small businesses cost savings, agility, flexibility, and data security. MYOB hosting allows your company to access vital financial data from any internet connected computer anywhere in the world. Your employees, accountant and professional partner are able to access and edit data in real-time from anywhere using nothing more than an active internet connection. This streamlined workflow saves you time and money. You can also set controls so users can only access the files and data you want them to, ensuring sensitive data is protected.


Why Choose Us?

- We are accredited MYOB Professional & Developer Partner since 1998.

- Pioneer MYOB Cloud Hosting solutions provider for global MYOB users since 2012.

- Our servers operate on a very solid infrastructure consisting of enterprise class equipments.

- 24x7 support services and assitance if required.

- 99.9% uptime on network and state of the art security guarantee.

Why I should move to MYOB cloud hosting?

A hosted solution can vastly streamline the accounts management of your business. It can save an enormous amount of time; provide more flexible work options for staff; reduce errors and file corruption, centralize accounting functions for multiple branches and dramatically improve account security. Having your accounting software hosted online allows you, your staff, bookkeepers and accountants to all access accounts from any location. You’ll no longer need to burn data to CD to send to your accountant; and you can have staff and bookkeepers working on your accounts remotely. It also allows staff such as your sales team to input data on the road.

Will my information be secure?

Your information will be extremely secure, comparable to bank level online security. Our platform has been developed with security as our primary concern. To access your accounts online, you require a unique username and password to access your applications and you can also set individual accounts within your Database files and hand out individual usernames and passwords for your users to access some or all areas of your MYOB database.

What are the technical requirements?

All you require is access to a regular PC with broadband internet connection.

Where are your servers located?

You can access your MYOB software online from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Our servers are located in secure colocation datacenters in USA, Singapore and Malaysia.

What additional programs and solutions offered?

- Office (Word & Excel)     

- Managed virus protection.

- Data backup.

MYOB Cloud Hosting Options

1. Cloud Hosting (AcctCloud Hosting Plan): Get a virtual directory to host your MYOB accounting software and data.
2. Cloud Server (AcctCloud Server Plans): Get a private cloud server with desktop to host your MYOB accounting software, data and other applications.

Getting Started

All you need is a broadband internet connection and a computer, a laptop or a smart phone to log in and start using your MYOB accounting software from your store, office, home and on your vacation.