One System to run your entire business... from bricks to clicks


Easy to Use integrated ecommerce, point of sales, inventory and accounting system

No matter what size your company is, you need to accurately track your business information to maximize your profitability and reduce overhead expenses. SBSCC eBUSINESS - takes the guesswork out of keeping appropriate information about your business. It also allows you to efficiently gather key information needed to make informed and insightful decisions.

SBSCC eBUSINESS - helps you to manage your entire business and accomplish operational superiority by providing an enterprise infrastructure that will extend to support the company as it grows and continue to provide ever increasing staff efficiencies.

SBSCC eBUSINESS is a cost effective, full featured, feature rich and fully integrated enterprise system for small and mid sized businesses.

Total solution to synchronize data between your online website and your local store. A quick solution to manage your entire business. SBSCC eBUSINESS is a must have solution to do that.

Complete All-in-One business solution. SBSCC eBUSINESS can be used for multi purposes like as Retail Stores / Wholesale Suppliers / Restaurant / Cafe / Grocery / Etc. The system includes everything you need for your business.

Free up your human resources for more profitable tasks by automating your business. 
 Choosing the appropriate software for your business can even help you eliminate time consuming manual processes.  

Core Features:

  • - Easy to use
  • - Affordable
  • - Flexible
  • - Accounting
  • - eCommerce
  • - Point of Sales  
  • - Bank and Cash Book
  • - Bank Reconciliation
  • - Sales
  • - Purchases
  • - Receivables
  • - Payables
  • - Inventory Management
  • - Inventory Kits
  • - Inventory Locations
  • - Services Management
  • - Manufacturing Management  
  • - Contact Management  
  • - Fixed Asset Management  
  • - Mobile Connect  
  • - Comparative Reporting  
  • - And much more...

  • Core Benefits:

    • - Experience 100% return-on-investment.
    • - Improve overall business productivity.
    • - Save staff’s time.
    • - Time saving in processing orders from customers.
    • - Time saving in time required to manage the accounting books.  
    • - Improve in inventory management efficiency and accuracy.  
    • - See incremental in sales volume.  
    • - Reduce excess inventory costs.  
    • - Reduce time required to reconcile bank accounts.  
    • - Save reduction in accounts receivable.  
    • - Increase online sales.  
    • - Reduced inventory levels with real-time inventory tracking abilities.